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Development of Machining Parts for Precision Automobile Mold

2016/10/7 18:29:25

China's automobile and motorcycle industry every year more than 700 billion of mold demand, and our country's large-scale precision molds manufacturing capacity is far from enough, at present our high profile car cover mold almost all rely on imports, large and medium-sized interior and exterior plastic Mold is also a great demand. Therefore, the precision is also to precision automotive mold parts processing direction to develop, to do the country's largest precision car mold parts processing manufacturers, improve the precision mold manufacturing capacity. The precision is the largest precision molds factory processing manufacturers, Dongguan is also the most famous export rate of the highest precision mold parts manufacturers, many customers are from all over the world, so our export volume is high, the price of the concessions, But also with foreign customers reached a long-term contract of a major factor, so to find concessions and high-quality precision car mold parts to the purchase of the.

The development of high-tech large-scale precision cars, motorcycle cover molds and large and medium-sized interior and exterior parts plastic mold is the future of China's automobile, motorcycle mold important work. With the rapid growth of China's automobile and motorcycle exports, plastic molds instead of wood and metal, will make plastic molds in the automotive, motorcycle industry in the surge in demand, especially new materials and new molding technology development, making plastic products In the automotive, motorcycle industry in the growing demand. To a certain extent, the amount of automobile and motorcycle plastic products can reflect the level of development of a country's automobile and motorcycle industry. For example: Germany, the average use of plastic cars per car has reached nearly 300 kilograms, accounting for about 22% of total car consumption of materials, is the world's largest automobile and motorcycle plastic parts of the country. While the average use of plastic cars in Japan each also reached 100 kg or so, and they are the dashboard and other interior trim all the use of plastic products.